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In a world where we have seen the very nature of human interaction change from in-person meetings, socializing and even weddings, the events industry has been turned upside down forcing us to look to new and innovative ways in which we can bring people together safely.  

Luckily, in this day and age, we have access to some amazing tools and equipment that allow us to create engaging, meaningful, and exciting event experiences all while maintaining safety and in line with current protocols.

We’ve all witnessed the rise of the “Zoom era” allowing businesses and even smaller social gatherings to continue in a socially distanced world.  While Zoom might be great for personal use, business meetings it definitely leaves much to be desired when planning large-scale virtual events that require robust and flexible solutions.

So, what are some technologies in use when having an event online? Well, here we go, 3 must-have technologies when considering any virtual event!

Event Website (Micro-sites)

An event microsite is simply a webpage separate from your company site. It can function as the landing page for your specific event or event calendar. Event Microsites have an advantage over a full-service company website in that they have a single specific focus.

  • Consider setting up a subdomain or owning a domain address for your landing page.
  • Consider your site’s SEO, as it will improve your chances of expanding your registrant demographic.
  • Plan the long-term shelf life of your microsite by ensuring that it is regularly updated with event information and relevant material/resources.
  • In fact, why not run your microsite full time? It can be one easy access point that both new and loyal registrants can check up on whatever events you’re running or plan to run.
  • Combine branding with the main company, design a logo for your event/s which is in line with your overall company branding. Design for replicable success, with templates that can be used across a number of events.
  • Running a plethora of events? Try embedding an event calendar which potential registrants can filter down in a search to find the events most relevant or local to them.

    Virtual Worlds and Gamification

Gamification in events is using game mechanics within your event to increase engagement and overall level of fun to your virtual event turning attendees from passive onlookers to active participants.  Gamification is the process of creating game-like systems around content, whether that be by creating teams, rewarding points for tasks, or tracking completion.  Gamification really comes into its own when combined with a virtual world that event participants can “walk” around in.  Think of the game “Sims” but for your event.

Avatars walking around in a virtual event venue

Participants become avatars in your event world and can move through the world like you would in a video game.  Create action points in your world where they can engage with fun tasks, attend talks. You can even have attendees engage with your Event Entertainment virtually through this experience

Check out this incredible video to see what’s possible.

There are a few things to keep in mind before venturing off into the abyss that is virtual event worlds.

Clarify your goals

Ensure that whatever experience you create is serving the goals of your event.  A game or contest should be relevant to the overall objectives so that it organically fits into your event design. Adding competition and reward can drive social sharing, encourage team development, increase brand interaction or provide sponsors or exhibitors with greater value.

Choose your game creative carefully.

Virtual escape rooms and scavenger hunts are amazing for team building and a virtual leader board encourages competition in turn making online participants feel more connected to one another.
Critically, reward attendees for actions they are already completing like registering for your event, logging in to the virtual event or possibly even for their first virtual interaction.

Track participation

Event gamification requires the audience to interact with the event app or platform. This means you can track attendee behavior and gain greater insights into which elements of your event are the most successful. Identifying these elements, and understanding how the attendees move through the virtual event space can help you improve any future online events that you may be planning.

person using laptop

It will also help you set engagement benchmarks, which in turn will help you create future sponsorship packages and provide more accurate data on what event partners can expect from audience interaction.

Mobile Event and Conference Apps

Apps have made it into events and they are proving to be incredibly useful tools allowing attendees to network more effectively, providing guests with on-demand information about the latest event updates and key event actions.  It’s hard not to see why 91% of organizers are seeing an increase in Return on Investment after implementing the use of an event app.

An event app’s value is in the fact that all of the information is available to attendees through their own devices.  Attendees can instantly be reminded of sessions, speakers, or customise their own interests to be notified of relevant information.

Bizzabo conducted a survey with the goal of better understanding how an event app impacts your overall event strategy.  The below data was taken directly from this Bizzabo blog post

  • 50% Increase in Mobile Adoption from Attendees
  • 51% Increase in Sponsor and Partner Visibility
  • 42% Increase in Audience Engagement
  • 84% Increase in Community Engagement

Event organizers that Bizzabo surveyed saw dramatic results in attendee engagement with the addition of an event app.


It’s hard to narrow down the technologies out there that are making virtual events more engaging, exciting and providing more meaningful experiences but we hope you enjoyed this blog post and we would love to hear from you.  Head to our Contact Page or send us an email at

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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